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Recommended Lectures – Plethora Project

Recommended Lectures – Plethora Project.

Links – Algorithm Reference – GENWARE

Links – Algorithm Reference – GENWARE.

Assembly – FlipMu

Assembly – FlipMu. monome musik max/msp interface


monome. interface midi osc open hardware

hoopsnake: Iteration in Grasshopper, Volatile Prototypes

interesting “ninja” technique found on that website direct link to original article hoopsnake: Iteration in Grasshopper, Volatile Prototypes. HoopSnake, apart from a legendary creature, is simple component for Grasshopper. What it does in principle is to create a copy of the data it receives at it’s input upon user request and store it locally. This duplicate is … Continue reading

Particle Field Form Finding [Processing]

Particle Field Form Finding [Processing] –

IOIO for Android Beginners Guide – SparkFun Electronics

IOIO for Android Beginners Guide – SparkFun Electronics.


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